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What is STRAD Workflows?

STRAD Workflows is a plugin for Atlassian Confluence that allows you to create your own workflows, and bind them to Confluence spaces or pages.

For example, let's assume that you have a Documentation space, and your company requires any Documentation pages to be approved by someone before they are published.

You can do that by creating a "Page approval workflow" and binding it to your Documentation space. From then on, every new Documentation page will be subject to your approval process, and access rights to the page will be updated automatically at each step.

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Any questions? Need any help?
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Here are a few examples of workflows that you can easily achieve with STRAD Workflows:

  • A page approval workflow: pages go through an approval process before they are published
  • A contract (signing) workflow: a specific set of users are asked to approve a document
  • A read acknowledgement workflow
  • A poll (voting) workflow

The advantage of using STRAD Workflows is that you can customize and refine your workflows at will, in order to fit your requirements perfectly. Workflows can be edited at any time, even while they are in use, and everyone will see the up-to-date version.

Features (in a nutshell)

For administrators

  • A modern, drag & drop workflow editor:
    • Start from a workflow template
    • Start from scratch
    • Build your workflow visually
  • Extensive workflow features:
    • Hierarchical structure with no limits on complexity
    • Variables (supported types: Enumeration, Users & Groups, Text, Number)
    • Conditions (If current user, If variable)
    • Data manipulation (Set, Add, Subtract)
    • User interaction (Show action, Show data, Ask for data)
    • Confluence integration (On page updated, Sync to page labels, Set/clear page restrictions)
  • Advanced features:
    • Full traceability through the event log viewer (shows both user actions and system events in a single view)
    • Performance tuning
  • Under the hood:
    • Modern, scalable, highly optimized workflow engine

For your users

  • Workflow state naturally appears on the Confluence page
  • Actions are performed directly from the Confluence page
  • Confluence notifications are sent to the relevant users, as soon as important actions become available to them
  • Activity stream for the current page can be seen (zero mouse clicks required)

For page authors

  • Macros:
    • View all currently available actions for the user
    • View workflow variables as a Confluence table, with support for Confluence charts
  • Binding:
    • Ability to bind workflows to a page (yes, multiple workflows are supported)
    • Ability to bind workflows to a space (any newly created pages will be automatically bound to these workflows)

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