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Binding and unbinding workflows

Binding to a page (or blog post)

When binding a workflow to a page, a new instance of that workflow is created specifically for that page. That workflow instance begins in the initial state that is defined in the workflow.

Binding to a space

Space administrators can bind a workflow to a space. This action itself does not create any workflow instances but from then on, any new pages that are created within that space will automatically be bound to that workflow.

Unbinding a workflow from a space will only disable the automatic mechanism for future page creations. It will not affect any existing bindings.

Included macros

Workflow actions report

This macro displays a summary of all workflow actions that are currently available to the user.

For most workflows, the output of this macro will depend on which user is viewing it.

Workflow data table

This macro generates a table from a set of workflow variables. The variables can be selected when configuring the macro.

Values from several different workflows can be displayed in the same table.

The macro will dynamically fetch the current value of these variables, and arrange the results in a table:

  • one row for each workflow
  • one column for each variable

Workflows must be bound to the Confluence page, in order for their variables to appear in the macro configuration.

The output of this macro is compatible with Confluence's built-in Chart macro, which allows for truly dynamic charts based on your workflows:

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